The Program

I will meet several times throughout your journey to focus solely on your unique and individual health needs. We can meet in-person (preferred) or virtually.

My job is to discover what makes you tick and to uncover road blocks that may be holding you back. This gives us time to see true lifelong changes and will allow us to navigate many different experiences during this time.

This approach is very intentional and is unique to each individual. Let me help you move forward in achieving your goals and dreams and living life with intention.


6 Month Package

This plan is for those who are ready to make a significant change in their lives mentally and physically. Those with inflammatory issues or needing to lose significant weight. I will be there to guide and support you through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Includes twelve 50-minute sessions. Unlimited emails and questions between sessions. Weekly coach-initiated checkups. Grocery Store Tour if needed.

Intentional Plus

4 Month Package

This plan is for those who need a recharge and a renewed focus on their health. Those who notice their health is not where it needs to be and would like more energy, mental focus, clear skin, better sleep, and reduced aches and pains.

Includes eight 50-minute sessions. A 21-day Recharge Plan. 1-2 emails and questions between sessions. 1 coach-initiated checkup between sessions.


21 Day Reboot

This plan is for those needing a reboot. Those who are looking for someone to hold them accountable by making incremental changes in their diet and lifestyle and want to re-focus on their health.

This plan is a 21 Day Reboot which includes two 50-minute sessions. 1-2 emails and questions between sessions.


One-Time Consultation – $150*

Includes one 50-minute session and 1 email question.

*After the consultation, if you choose to continue with another package, the $150 fee will be applied to the new service.

Specialty Services

For Those Who are Planning on Having Surgery

I have worked closely with physicians in order for their patients to receive the best before care and after surgery outcome. I also have a pre and post nutritional plan that will parallel with your doctor’s nutritional plan.

This plan will prepare your body for surgery by decreasing inflammation, boosting nutrition and will encourage healthy healing after your surgery.

Please email for a consultation on pricing and to see if you are a candidate for this program.

Invest in Yourself

Are you ready to take your journey to health and wellness?

The first step is easy – just fill out the form, and I will get back to you asap to discuss your objectives, your struggles, and create a plan of action!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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