What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach is trained to help a client discover the root cause to their health issues and then once identified, rebuild a healthy lifestyle that will enable them to attain their heath goals.

What I Do as a Health Coach

I will make time to journey with you, to help you discover what works for you (not a list of do’s and don’ts and not a pre-scripted dietary plan). Together, we will devise a plan on how to incorporate this into your life, building healthy sustainable habits that uniquely work for you. I will help you achieve your goals for a more healthier, happier, and joyous life.

I was skeptical when Dara first showed me the program. Since everything else I was trying was not working, I decided to give it a shot. The results speak for themselves. Sticking as closely to the meal plan as I can has not only helped me lose weight but also has given me the energy to work out more. I have lost 40 pounds over a five month period and am down to my ideal weight.


I was able to spend 3 weeks with Dara. 3 excellent transforming weeks. When I arrived I had diabetes and was a very unhealthy eater. Fast food, frozen meals with too much sugar and sodium; on oral meds and insulin. Within 2 days of healthy eating I had to cut my oral meds in half and stop taking insulin altogether. She coached me on healthy eating, cooked the most healthy meals that were unbelievable.  She allowed me to cook with her, actually teaching me how to prep and cook, and the importance of nutritional eating. Not only was the diabetes under control within the 3 weeks, I had lost 10 lbs. I am well on my way to a new me and loving it! I no longer live to eat, I’m eating to live.


I stepped on the scale yesterday and didn’t believe it so I checked again today. I started making changes prior to the detox with Dara’s coaching… but was not as strict as the cleanse has been with following the plan. My total weight loss is 7 lbs. More importantly, my joints feel better, I am off my reflux medication that I had to take twice a day and my body and mind feel better.


Living Life Intentionally

If you’re here, that means you are ready to prioritize your health. You may have tried this many times before but were left feeling frustrated. Maybe you quit, lost interested, or just could not sustain the momentum.

This is where I come in.

By taking this first step in making your health a priority we together can discover and achieve your goals and dreams so that you can live your best life.

It’s more than just changing your diet and introducting regular exercise, it’s also about changing your mindset so you can meet your goals.

Getting started is easy! Just contact me, and we’ll begin the journey together.

Invest in Yourself

Are you ready to take your journey to health and wellness?

The first step is easy – just fill out the form, and I will get back to you asap to discuss your objectives, your struggles, and create a plan of action!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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